Monday 25 May 2015

New Beginnings!

Hello and welcome to Ditzy Musings!
Me and Caspian
Me & Caspian

I'm Jenny, the creator of Ditzy Quilts, and this is my new blog which I am launching alongside the re-opening of my Etsy shop, which has been closed for the previous 9 months while I have been on maternity leave.  The shop will re-open on the 1st of June and I'm looking forward to getting back into my sewing studio and starting new projects.

While I've been on maternity leave there have been a lot of changes in my sewing space and I've had a lot of time to think about the direction of my shop.  I'm now sewing in a larger room, which means I have recently been able to order a long arm quilting frame, which I am hoping to get to grips with quickly and create even more beautiful quilts - look out for more posts on this once it has arrived in 4-5 weeks time!

With regard to my shop direction, I am hoping to add fresh new items quickly.  I have decided to discontinue making some items (such as bookmarks, coasters and fabric postcards) in order to concentrate on my table runners, baby quilts and larger quilts.  I'm hoping this narrowing of focus will enable me to produce not only a greater quantity of these items but also a greater variety of designs, colours and patterns in order to appeal to a wider range of aesthetics and home décor styles.  In the future I am also hoping to add a line of speciality art / decorative quilted wall hangings.

And what about this blog?

While I envisage this primarily as a platform to discuss my work in more detail than you can find in my Etsy listings, I am also looking forward to being able to talk about my own personal projects, as well as other fabric and sewing related articles including tips, tutorials and fabric finds.  I'm sure a few personal posts might make it onto here as well!

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog, I welcome any comments and feedback, either via the comments, on my Facebook Page or via email: